I made these images as part of the Breda Photo 2018 master class. The theme of that edition was 'To infinity and beyond'. In these images I’m telling the story of a young woman who loses her fight against leukaemia after an intense battle lasting eight years. It is a story about humanity and science, about success and failure, about hope and despair, but also about love beyond death: to infinity and beyond.

"In spite of everything, modern medical science could not save her life, but did succeed in giving life to her unborn child via a surrogate mother, months after her passing."
To live on, which was impossible for her, is possible for her child in whom she now lives on. Her partner, relatives and friends must also live on, without her, but with her child in memory of her.

This story reflects on life and death, on scientific knowledge and powerlessness, on the ethical aspect and the lack of legal framework around surrogacy.
Riverphotography To live on
Riverphotography To live on
Riverphotography To live on

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